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Heartwarming / On the Shoulders of Giants

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  • The Cassini-Huygens Quetzal Rescue Mission. Committing a large amount of time and resources to rescuing a large number of aliens in suspended animation on Titan definitely counts as one of humanity's better moments, especially given that the aliens in question were the last of their kind, making humanity the saviours of an entire species.
  • Aug 26, 2012: On the Spacebattles Forum, one man posted this: "Our AIs asked us the same question the Geth did. And as far as we're concerned, yes, they do." (The question that the Geth asked was "Does this unit have a soul?") And this answer is canon. In fact it was the Jewish faith that first said that AIs do have souls, resulting in an AI Rabbi just shortly afterwards. Through as far as the Hindu are concerned that question never needed to be asked.
    • Another discussion (as of late September 2012) is about how the AI Petan should be getting therapy, since all of his "offspring," either went crazy, died, or ran away. In 22 September, another comment (from a different person) posted "I don't know about you, but to me the fact that a) we're seriously talking about an AI getting therapy, and b) there's a reasonably high chance of it happening in-verse speaks volumes about the status of AIs in this timeline."
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  • The other SAC members rallying to help Earth after Yellowstone erupted in 2035, no strings attached and apparently without hesitation. If nothing else, it shows how close-knit the SAC is becoming.
  • Tela T'Loak in her story, working to get over her fear of AI's for the sake of her close friend, who she learns... is an AI.

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