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Heartwarming / Mama

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  • At the end of the film, Lily falls off the cliff with Mama/Edith, and Edith's soul can finally rest thanks to Lily's undying love for her.
  • The snippets we see of Mama playing with Lily. She really does love them.
  • Annabel rescuing Lily from climbing out the window, and then having a moment with her where she comforts her. It's the first real bit of motherly affection Annabel has shown the girls without feeling obligated.
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  • The look Mama and Lily share as they're falling from the cliff. Lily's still completely unafraid and genuinely happy to be with Mama, and the look on Mama's face borders on reverence — as though she doesn't quite understand how or why this child could be so happy to be with her.
  • Lily gets a haircut after being found, but Victoria's hair remains long. When they're found, they both have flower crowns in their hair. It seems like Mama took care of their hair to some extant, otherwise it would have become extremely matted and impossible to clean.
  • Victoria reconnecting with Handsome, the family's pet dachshund, when she returns home.

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