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Heartwarming / Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers

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  • Right after they finally get the logo right in Episode 28, this exchange happens between Sam and Anna.
    Anna: I knew we'd do it! I love you, Sam!
    Sam: I love you too, Anna!
  • In Episode 72, Scotty and Beulah tie the knot. Even Sam can't help but cry at the beauty of it.
  • The Season 6 premiere (Episode 141) has Sam finally starting to play nice and becoming a lot more tolerant towards Scotty's mistakes. Later in the episode, when Dave (who started to pick up some of Sam's old control freak habits) throws Scotty out of the studio, Sam actually defends Scotty and says that it wasn't his fault.
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  • Starting with Episode 218, Sam drops his control freak tendencies entirely. Also in this episode, Dave and Rhonda tie the knot.
  • Finally in Episode 240, Sam and Anna finally tie the knot.