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Awesome / Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers

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  • In Episode 28, after many episodes of bloopers, they finally get the Looney Tunes intro right. This was repeated in Episode 100.
  • Every time Anna uses her laser eye powers (aka the Ee-tecker note ) to defeat a scary logo, such as the V of Doom and the S from Hell.
  • In Episode 42, after Dave threatens to call Mr. Warner on Sam after he fired Scotty and Guy, Sam responds by threatening to kill him. Dave's reply to this is epic:
    Dave: You kill me and you'll be guilty of murder.
    • What makes it even more awesome if the fact that Dave shows absolutely no fear at all when he says this.
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  • In Episode 51, Anna taking a stand towards Sam by zapping him with her laser eye beams, after he calls her a bitch.
  • Sam, of all people, gets one in Episode 54, after the Angry P-Head calls Dave an asswipe, and Sam actually stands up in Dave's defense for a change.
  • And in Episode 55, Mr. Warner himself finally makes an appearance, to put Sam in his place after he fired Scotty yet again. Even if it was just speaking through the intercom, it was still epic.
    • Possibly even better is how Sam managed to throw a tantrum at Mr. Warner. Think about it, he threw one at his boss, who has way more power than he does.
  • In Episode 56, after another season's worth of bloopers, they finally managed to get the Looney Tunes intro right a second time. Even Mr. Warner is impressed as he congratulates them for getting it right.
    • Mr. Warner possibly gets another awesome moment when he goes through with his threat to impale Sam on the shield and in effect showing Sam who is the real boss. If you've been annoyed by Sam's control freak tendencies in the latest episodes, this makes great therapeutic relief.
  • Episode 68: God zaps Sam after the latter threw a tantrum challenging the former's authority.
    God: How dare you rage against My Authority, Microsoft Sam! Take that!
    (zaps Sam, huge explosion)
    God: Let this be a lesson to you: Never rage against My Authority!
    Sam: (dazed) Sorry.
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  • Episode 71: After Sam summoned the Devil and the She-Devil again to curse Scotty and Beulah's impending marriage, God threatens to turn him over to the Devil and She-Devil if he doesn't repent. It works.
  • Episode 84: They get the intro right for the third time.