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Heartwarming / Himouto! Umaru-chan

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  • Sylph realizing that her dream of having friends in Japan came true with Ebina, Kirie, Umaru and UMR (she's not aware that the last two are actually one person).
  • Umaru crying after Taihei returns from his business trip. This, along several other scenes involving her brother, makes one realize that despite Umaru's bratty, introverted tendencies, she's really afraid of being left alone and cherishes her brother's company above all else.
    Umaru: (staring silently at Taihei as the fact that he's back from his two-week business trip starts to sink in)
    Taihei: Hmm? What's wrong?
    Umaru: (starts tearing up before bawling full out and running into Taihei's arms)ONII-CHAN!!! Umaru was...was...was so lonely!
    Taihei: (touched and smiling warmly) I see. (Hugs her back and comforts her)
    Umaru: (continuing to cry) I was lonely and stuff!!
    Taihei: (Amused now) Ha ha. I get it. I get it.
    Umaru: Onii-chan!
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  • When Sylphin briefly describes a place in Japan she visited as a little girl, Umaru recognizes is as Sagamiko arcade, a retro Mecca, and immediately takes Sylphin there.
  • Kirie finding a friend in Umaru's chibi form and their interactions throughout the series allow Kirie to open up more with other people, including Umaru's "outer" persona (not realizing that both are one and the same) and her own relationship with her brother, Bomber.
  • Bomber's friendship with Taihei, shown in flashbacks that Taihei took time to get to know Bomber when they were kids.
  • Kanau's love for Taihei, being in love with the guy since their high school years, continuing on even after she became his boss.
  • Hikari's sisterly love for Taihei and her rivalry/friendship with Umaru. Hikari is the only person besides Taihei and Alex to know Umaru's outer and inner sides. Umaru herself has grown comfortable enough to be herself around Hikari, with Taihei noting that both girls are more similar than they care to admit, even acting sisterly with one another. It's Hikari's hope that one day, Taihei marries her older sister, Kanau, since she loves her older sister very much and it would make Kanau very happy. There is also the bonus that it would make Hikari related to Taihei and Umaru through marriage. Awww...

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