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Heartwarming / Flight of the Condor

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  • When Spock explains why he went with Kirk to 1930 instead of staying in the alternate 2261.
    Spock And yet, in that other reality, she never was. Amanda Grayson never even existed. She never married a man who loved her, never had a son. None of that happened there. All because of what Beckwith did here. We must stop Beckwith, otherwise, she will never be. Neither of my families with ever be.
    • Spock refers to the Enterprise crew as one of his families.
    Spock . My home is not a planet, but wherever my families are. I want to go home
  • Edith Keeler asks Kirk to, "Let me help," after Kirk mentions about not ever knowing his father.
    • Any scene where Keeler mentions her vision of the future.
    • the scene where Keeler tells Richards Beckwith that he can become a good man, despite him being a drug dealer who murdered a potential witness.
    • A Fridge moment of heartwarming is implied in the timeline where Beckwith saved Edith Keeler from the truck and was killed in the process. Beckwith did truly choose to become a better man.

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