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Heartwarming / Falling Backwards

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  • The whole premise of Twilight taking in Rainbow Dash, after she is left completely helpless, without a second thought.
  • Most of Twilight and Rainbow's interactions, as Twilight tries to adjust to the new situation just screams D'awww.
  • Spike giving Twilight his full support and helping to raise Rainbow without a second thought.
  • Fluttershy showing Twilight how it’s done, while Twilight is left baffled.
    • The things Fluttershy does in general, including and not limited to: fetching Rainbow's old blanket, Snuggles, and going with Luna to try in save Rainbow's memories.
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    • In Raising Rainbows, despite the obvious issue of Rainbow Dash still being physically stuck as a filly, Fluttershy is is just happy to have her best friend back.
  • Pinkie Pie playing with Rainbow, while Twilight and Spike are off on business.
  • Scootaloo subverting the Broken Pedestal trope by quickly accepting Rainbow's condition after her initial shock.
    • Combined with Funny Moment in Raising Rainbows. After Rainbow Dash regains her memories, but sadly not before being regressed back into a toddler. Scootaloo is obviously excited to have her hero back. But before when Rainbow Dash is about to fly into battle, Scoots grabs her by the tail, knowing even if her old Rainbow Dash is back, she's in no condition to fight.
  • Rainbow with Twilight's help, adjusting to life in a toddler's body, after getting her memories back.
    • Even after she got her memories back, Rainbow is still excited to see her old blanket, Snuggles.
  • Rarity comforting Twilight, after Rainbow tells her she doesn't want her as a mommy anymore, by telling Twilight Rainbow was just throwing a temper tantrum and she would get over it in no time.
    • Rainbow proving her point a minute later.

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