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With themes like friendship and family, Et Cetera is fertile ground for heartwarming moments.

  • Luriele is trapped on a runaway train and unable to walk without a cane, but she jumps from the last remaining car and onto a horse ridden by Mingchao and Baskerville. Afterwards, she discovers she can walk again, and all because Mingchao gave her the courage to jump.
  • Yaghi adores his older sister Fino and tries time and again to follow her when she leaves their village with Mingchao. After he helps save everyone from a quicksand pit, Fino puts him on her horse, saying, "From now on, this is your seat. And don’t come crying to me if you fall off."
    Fino: "We may not have our parents anymore, but at least we can be together. Because he’s my only little brother."
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  • When Mingchao is reunited with Baskerville in Volume 7, after his memories returned. He’d been absent from the team since Volume 3, got amnesia, and acted as their enemy for a time. Needless to say, Mingchao was overjoyed.
  • The opening page of Episode 26 shows Benkate lifting Mingchao into the air with joy. Previously, Mingchao had fallen from a hot air balloon and into the stormy sea, and went missing. This image shows how much Benkate had come to care for Mingchao since their first meeting. They didn't get along well at first.
  • At the start of Episode 20, right before Alternate shoots Mingchao in the chest, readers are shown brief, happy memories of Alternate as a kid with his dad Gordy. Apparently Gordy wasn’t always so mean to his son.
  • In Episode 26, Alternate takes a bullet for Big the fisherman. In his pain-induced delirium, he calls Big "Papa," because Big resembles Gordy in appearance.
    • In the same episode, after Alternate recovers from his wound, Fino makes him a shirt to replace the one he ruined. She claims it’s just because he ruined his shirt, but she also felt guilty for calling him gullible and doubting his integrity.
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  • When Cavanaugh sets a trap to get revenge against Fino, Alternate is knocked out cold by a dog bullet and can’t help Fino when she is about to be stabbed by Cavanaugh. But he awakens and chucks a rock at Cavanaugh's hand to stop her, saying, "I’m not about to sit back and let you hurt Fino!"
  • Benkate saves Yaghi from hanging by putting herself under him, even though Blush had shot her in the leg. Blush keeps shooting her in the legs to get her to fall, but she keeps standing. Even when Yaghi tells her to stop, Benkate refuses.
    • When the ordeal is over and Yaghi is freed, he runs to Benkate instead of Fino!
  • In the final chapter, all the animal essences are applied to the Eto Gun and Mingchao is getting ready to shoot Gothic. Baskerville places his hands over hers on the gun, and they shoot Gothic together with the Dragon bullet.

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