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Heartwarming / Escape from Furnace

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  • The kitchen scene, in which Monty creates a masterpiece of a meal out of the scraps left for the prisoners. The entire scene shows a softer side to Monty and his past, and he, Alex, Zee and Donovan getting a little closer as kids remembering the good times in their lives.
    • Donovan is so overwhelmed by the meal, after years of eating bleak prison food that he began to cry while eating.
  • Alex, Donovan and Zee spend an evening in their cell reenacting their favourite books and movies, often with terrible performances that causes each other to burst into genuine fits of laughter.
  • Alex and Zee share a much needed thoughtful hug before returning to their Solitary cells, though Zee jokes that Alex better not tell anybody that it happened.
Death Sentence
  • Alex, Zee and Simon share a good cry together in the warden's control room, after seeing live footage of the rain in the outside world.


  • The restaurant scene, in which Alex finally makes that cheeseburger in honour of Donovan.

ExecutionThe time in Alex's house has so many of these moments:

  • Alex experiencing and remembering in perfect detail all the little things about his home and his parents that's both beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • Lucy, Simon, Zee and Alex having a cup of tea together, finally getting a chance to relax from the hunt.
    • Simon finding a picture of a bright, happy, six year old Alex in a class photo.
    • Lucy fixing a cup of tea for Sam who pretends to be indifferent, but secretly takes a sip when he thinks no one is looking.

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