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Heartwarming / Dragon Jousters

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  • Just about all of the hatchings.


  • Just about all the Vetch and Ari moments from the first book are heartwarming ones. Their father son like bond in the rest of the series is pretty heartwarming too.
    • Ari's getting a funerary shrine for Vetch.
    • Ari helping Vetch and Avatre escape the compound.
    • Kiron (with some help from his wingmates) saving Ari from falling to his death at the end of book two.


  • Kiron trying to be kind and comfort Aket-ten during her exile in the Temple of All Gods.
  • When Prince Toreth stumbled into his pen (and straight into an anxious Kiron and Re-eth-katen) after what he thinks is a close call with the Magi.
    Toreth: We are defeated, and I am disgraced and friendless...
    Gan: Ah, so I am no friend then?
    Toreth: (protesting) No! But.. surely your parents will not wish you to associate yourself woth a known traitor...
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  • After Toreth's funeral Kaleth turns to leave, but Kiron stops him. Telling him come and live with the rest of the wing.
    Krion: We don't want a replacment for Toreth, we want ''Kaleth'', our friend, who needs someone to share his grief with, just as we do. Come and be yourself, with us, who are your friend.




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