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Heartwarming / Dog & Scissors

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  • The entirety of episode two, specifically Kazuhito and Kirihime's moment on the bridge after confronting his killer. For the past two episodes, she's been tying him up and going at him with scissors, and all of a sudden, she ends up taking him to his old house, figuring out that the culprit's been hiding out in his house and confronting and chasing his murderer. She subdues him on a bridge and gives Kazuhito a chance for revenge, where Kazuhito declines because he wouldn't be able to hurt someone else who loves books as much as he does. She decides that she'll do it, because if it wasn't for her, Kazuhito would still be alive. He then reassures her that he doesn't blame her at all and that he IS alive, just not as a human, so it's all okay. Also counts as a Tear Jerker.


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