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Heartwarming / Demon Spawns Series

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    Seem Normal, Fit In 
  • All of Corey's interactions with Laney, especially when they become friends.
    "From now on, we're going to be best friends for all eternity."
    • The best part? They're still friends to this very day.
  • The last chapter is a brief retelling of "All You Need is Cake" from Corey's perspective.
    • What makes is sweeter is that while Corey's feelings for Laney has changed, he still cares for her even after all those years.

    Power Swap 
  • Trina sings Children of the Night while she flies around town one evening. While it might seem like a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, it shows a gentler side of her.
    • What she doesn't know is that Nick Mallory watched her sing, clearly attracted to her demon form.

    Of Demons and Angels 
  • The Wham Line
    Laney: (to Corey) It seems that I'm in love with a demon.
  • Corey visits Otis for comfort after Laney cheats on him with Lenny.
  • Trina and Nick Mallory become a couple when he confesses he's attracted to her demon form.

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