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Heartwarming / DC Showcase: Jonah Hex

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  • After Jonah comes into the bar and asks the bartender if he had seen Red Doc and the bartender tells him no (he's lying, by the way), one of the saloon girls comes up to him and tells Jonah that she'll help him if he helps her (by way of giving her enough money to leave town). After the girl explains what happened to Red Doc (as well as what typically happens to wealthy men who come by that particular saloon), Jonah gives her the money and she kisses him on the cheek for helping her. There's two things to notice about the kiss:
    • 1.) The girl kisses Jonah on his scarred rather than his "normal" cheek.
    • 2.) It's kind of hard to tell, but there's a slight smile on Jonah's face after the girl kisses him.

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