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  • The bathtub scene in Chapter 17. Intimate, but also heartwarming when both Cloud and Genesis saw and learn about each others' scars, showing that they're Not So Different after all.
  • Red XIII is one of the few AVALANCHE members who is against the "protective custody" order for Cloud. Also, he trusts Genesis to protect Cloud, and he still has faith in him on saving Cloud from Sephiroth in the later chapters.
  • Genesis, despite being half-injured, will still manage to find Sephiroth just to save Cloud.
    • Another moment when Genesis was given a choice by Sephiroth (with Cloud as his vessel) to leave in peace with the comatose Weiss, which will leave Cloud trapped in Sephiroth's control, he refused.
    • And if he was ever given a choice to choose either Cloud or Weiss, he would chose Cloud.
    Never in his wildest dreams, when he’d been wasting away within the Banora crater, had he ever believed that there might be someone else who could understand.
  • In the Epilogue when Cloud, want to confirm their relationship, asked Genesis the reason he would chose Cloud, whether it's because he remind him of Zack, a replacement of Sephiroth, or that because of his isolation that anyone else would do. His response:
    Genesis:Is it because you are connected to Zack, and by extension Angeal? Perhaps partially, at least when we were still strangers. Are you a replacement for Sephiroth? Hardly, beyond the fact that I have found in you a far more worthy and satisfying rival than I ever did him. As for isolation, how are either of us to know for sure? Yet I have had plenty of opportunities even in my exile to seek companionship, and I did not feel the urge.
    • So, Genesis believed another way to answer about their relationship is by asking Cloud about his search for Understanding. When it took Cloud to finally realize and admit that all this time, he just want to be understood, Genesis kissed him.
    Genesis:In a world that so hastily judges you, you underestimate the value in a companion who judges you for nothing. Though certainly, it is not your only redeeming feature.
  • Right before his escape from the WRO's detainnent order, Cloud leaves a note for Denzel to not worry and take care of Tifa and Marlene in his place.
  • Though bittersweet, Tifa accepts the change of Cloud's relationship. And even though she doesn't trust or like Genesis since the first time she met him, although it's mostly that she doesn't know him, she would entrust Cloud to Genesis's care. Even if it's gonna take her a while to deal with this change, she will still accept this. As long as Cloud is finally happy, then she will be, too.
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  • The Beloved poem, the unofficial sequel of Loveless, itself. Though some may sound a bit bittersweet, it still carries a much more optimistic and hopeful message.
    Beloved is the Dawn
    The bell of broken slumber
    To a healed world, a new oath
    A promise carried past the end

    My Friend, your dream
    Heralds the return of the Goddess
    Restless wandering without respite
    History’s search has no conclusion

    As the beast awakens, the Hero sets out
    Chosen by the Goddess, loved and forsaken
    An oath unfulfilled
    He trusts in the Shadow
    And finds light in the abyss
    The lovers share an oath
    Though their hearts are filled with doubt

    In mistrust, joy
    In faith, despair
    Cruel are the trials of the Goddess

    Torn between worlds
    The prisoner begins a new journey
    The chosen knight, seeking her mysteries
    His blood scorched by black fire
    His heart soothed by her blessing
    He goes to battle

    My Friend, the dream is Lost
    There is no prisoner, no hope
    The sword has fallen upon your feet

    My Soul cleansed of darkness
    Desires only truth
    To defy shadows and return to glory
    And end Your endless journey

    Now all that remains to want
    Is only vengeance…

    The morrow is robbed of hope
    Yet still, you are beloved
    Rising to the heavens on broken wings
    So let it be my fate.

    Even if the morrow should not forgive me
    I shall carry no regrets
    Legend shall speak of my sacrifice
    Of the story past the World’s End.

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