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Headscratchers / When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

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  • If Sayumi can use her powers to return people to their previous state, then would it be possible for her to use her power to return everyone elses powers after being stolen by Mirei?
  • How did Mirei know she had the Grateful Robber ability before she ever met anyone else with powers to steal?
    • And if she stole someone else's power, whose was it? What was it? And why doesn't she still have it?
      • Did you all hear that explosion? That was this Troper's mind.
    • Most likely the same way as everyone else aside from Andou. Judging by her reaction in the flash back, seems like she just sort of knew she could do it now.
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    • Probably by accident, if I would guess. Saw someone using some kind of power, brain registered it as a threat and her power-stealing kicked in on instinct. And I'd figure she returned it if the person didn't actually intend to harm her. It's not like removing powers from people is going to kill them in this universe.


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