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Headscratchers / The Ultimate Fighter

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•So just how did that letter from Noah Inofer's girlfriend get to him in Season 3? These guys are supposed to be sequestered from the outside world for the duration of the show (barring extreme circumstances like a family death or childbirth). I'm guessing someone on the production team did it, but why? To see how he would react? Just out of compassion/ignorance?

•Why did nothing happen to Chris Leben when he walked out of the TUF 1 house to make a phone call in the middle of the night? When the guy in Season 4 left for a piece of tail in the middle of the night, he was booted. They were still figuring out what they were doing in Season One granted, but this was pretty clearly a no-no. If he got in some kind of trouble for it, why was it not shown? And why show it in the first place if you don't show any resolution?
  • He only went out to make a phone call, and Chris Leben was both the most experienced fighter on the show and easily the most obvious candidate to create some interesting drama to grab attention (and he did). Kicking him out would have been crazy.

•Not a big deal, but what happened to the entranceway door to the cage area in TUF 13? It looks like the guys are having a contest to see who can break the thing (it gets more beat up as the show goes on). Seemed like at least a small story to tell somewhere, but it's just kinda there.
•Why was Rhonda Rousey's weight cut lesson left out of TUF 18? That sounds like an amazing story and would have probably changed some minds about her from those that started to dislike her that season. Were they just resigned she was going to be a heel?

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