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Headscratchers / The Neverhood

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  • How exactly do those letters get into the mailbox, considering where it is?
    • That is what bugs you about the game world? Seriously?
    • Fandon decided the letters are delivered via Klaybird.

  • Where are those radio signals being broadcast from? From inside the 'Hood? If so, then who put them all together? Especially considering that The Neverhood seems to be a relatively young place. If they're from the outside, how close are they, really, to the nearest... er... Quatar-son-realm?
    • This troper thinks that the Hall of Records stated that Hoborg intentionally went pretty far from any of Quater's family because of his search for super-pure Klay. (which he used to make the Neverhood)

  • Who is Quarter supposed to represent? Jesus? Who do his seven sons represent in the bible?
    • Quater is most likely a sendup of Gnosticism. Gnosticism has the central conceit of a powerful deity who creates a lesser deity called the Demiurge. The Demiurge in turn creates the world that mortals dwell in. Within that metaphor, Hoborg is the Demiurge, with Quater representing the creator deity.

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