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Headscratchers / The Dark Is Rising

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  • So why did the Film of the Book went wrong? Did the director have a bad record?
    • Hoo boy, where to start. First (and possibly worst), the screenwriter didn't even read the book, and the director admitted early on that he hated fantasy films. Why the production company let the project get handled by those two is a mystery for the ages, because it's almost like they made a conscious decision to make the worst movie they possibly could. Certainly it reads like a litany of things tailor-designed to piss off the fanbase. Even a few professional reviewers who had read the book said that since the filmmakers had changed so much, they might as well just call it something else. One said something like (I'm paraphrasing here) "It bears so little resemblance to the source material, they could have put a different name to it and not been sued for copyright infringement".
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  • If John Rowlands was allowed to decide whether or not he would remember what happened, why weren't Bran and the Drews given the same choice?

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