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Headscratchers / The Bad Unicorn Trilogy

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In Good Ogre, during Max's battle with the Maelshadow, why does the Maelshadow take the form of a human?

  • Before then, he used a much more intimidating Eldritch Abomination form that likely would have helped him put up a much better fight. I know what you're thinking: "He obviously did it because he didn't believe Max could beat him!" Yes, but even after he admits that Max is more powerful than him, he still uses that form! Not even the threat of being attacked by a gracon is enough to get him to use his monster form. Why? Does he have some sort of limit on his shapeshifting ability? EXPLAIN, BOOK, EXPLAIN!

Why did it take so long for Dreadbringer to come up with the idea of using a unicorn?

  • If the Maelshadow and his servants all knew that only dragons and unicorns could cross between realms, why didn't they think of using one before?

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