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Headscratchers / Terror in Resonance

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  • The sub I saw didn't translate what the texts from Lisa's mom said. Does anyone know?
    • In short, the texts are a series of very worried-sounding questions from Lisa's mother. This Reddit post offers a translation of all of them.
  • I may have missed something, but in the first episode, how did Hisami get Lisa's phone number when he called her in the stairwell of the exploding building?
    • They're classmates. He could've easily asked for her number during curriculum time.
    • Well, she acted surprised herself when she got a call. It might have been he obtained it through some unknown means.
  • How can Five get away with what she does? Even assuming that the one guy who seems to be in charge of her is totally under her thumb, that doesn't change the fact that a bunch of Americans are working with her and someone has to know that she planted a bomb that went off. One loose tongue with a connection or two, and she's busted.
    • I'm pretty sure the implication is that the FBI and the Japanese government are working together on false flag operations. She doesn't need to get away with anything because everyone involved is already in on the plan. Even if anyone did have second thoughts and decide to go public with the information, the government will publicly blame things on Sphinx, and then privately deal with whoever leaked it.
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    • Shibazaki sure smelt a rat and forced the tower crew at gunpoint to steer the plane with the bomb on the runway away from the terminal with the people, so at the very least Shibazaki and his crew know, that 5 is at the very least heavily involved into the fake Sphinx bomb.
  • Why would Twelve just ditch Nine like that? I mean, it says that he sees him like a brother, and they've been together for years, and he just betrays him for Lisa who he'd met like, what, a month ago? I don't get it.
    • Because love makes teenagers do irrational things.
    • I feel like it's more about the situation. If someone just sat him down and said "are you going to go with Lisa or Nine" I doubt he wouldn't pick Nine. Lisa was sitting in confusion in front of him covered in bombs, whereas Nine is a really competent dude who wasn't in a hostage situation at the time - I can understand his decision.
  • What in the HELL were the American soldiers in the ending doing? They shot the guy who wasn't holding the detonator? Then they don't do anything against the guy actually holding the detonator for a good two minutes.
    • I do agree that shooting Nine makes sense. But in the end, they were ordered to shoot anyway in order to tie up loose ends with the mess Five made at Haneda and at the Shuto Expressway.
      • But in that case, isn't Lisa also a loose end? She was actually on the plane during the airport bombing, and she was targeted by Five again on the Ferris wheel, so it's not like the FBI can assume she was completely in the dark. But even so, she wasn't targeted.
      • Who knows what the military had in mind? In the end, they were concerned with the duo.
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  • How did Nine just run away from the scene with Five like that? How did he get into that building he was in at the time of the bomb's explosion? Why didn't anybody notice or care? How did he get rid of his handcuffs?


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