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Headscratchers / Rise (2018)

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  • Why does the football coach say in the pilot episode that his paycheck is dependent upon wins? He doesn't teach anything else at the school? If he is simply hired by the extracurricular office to coach football, he likely wouldn't be drawing a full-time paycheck from it, he wouldn't have office space at the school, and wouldn't be at the school during the day time.
    • If football is a big enough deal at the school then it's not that unusual, especially since the administration will be wanting to promote good relationships with the coaching staff. It's not clear about the pay check though, does he get paid per game or something? That seems unconventional.

  • Why is Robbie treating his sophomore season as life-or-death? If he has a lackluster sophomore season because of the play, he can always impress college scouts junior or senior year.

  • Are we meant to think Coach Strickland is a villain because he opts not to play Robbie after he forgets a few plays? Strickland is giving the opportunity to a kid who has shown up at practice more often, so logically he deserves it more if we're talking about more hard work put into the program.
    • Because he's the designated villain, regardless of if he has a point. Though, Robbie could still be better even missing practice and it's a hard decision between talent and dedication.