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  • Fox and Collin were dating for quite a while (and have been friends for even longer), judging from both Boy Meets Boy and Friendly Hostility, but never actually got "married" as such. Yet Collin is married to Leon about three years after they first meet, and Collin doesn't seem like the kind of person to rush into a marriage - it just feels like a shotgun wedding to me. (Okay, yes, I'm a militant Fox/Collin shipper, but still.)
    • I think that you could put that one down to age, though. Most of the years that Collin and Fox had together were spent in college or at the University, and when they finally got to the point where they were actually thinking seriously about their relationship and their lives in the long term, it had gone sour. With Leon, on the other hand, we had two adults who had been friends before dating, and being very careful not to ruch into it. You also have to take Berlinetta into account - she'd have needed the stability, and Collin probably serves as a back up parent with Leon's job being as dangerous as it is (even to him).
      • Word of God says that OPB takes place three years after FH, and Collin and Leon only met about a month or so (in real time) from the end. They would have only known each other for three years, and have dated for less...

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