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Headscratchers / OneShot

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  • What does the seed actually do? Are there really only two endings?
    • Adding the Miracle Water and restoring the light causes it to grow and give an additional CG in the ending.
  • Niko's eyes are occasionally referenced throughout their journey, and there's a great deal of mystery behind them. It's unclear if they're important or not. Niko hints at them being a common trait in their own world, however Rue, Prototype and Cedric all have some personal keepsake that shine just like the Sun and - you guessed it - Niko's eyes. Plus, Niko's eyes are one of only two things that glow as they transitions through screens. The other thing? The Sun. There seems to be a connection to something here, but we'll likely never know.
  • How does Niko manage to carry the sun through the entire game without complaining about their hands burning? If you've ever touched a lit lightbulb you know it hurts a lot. And you can't say their sleeves protect their hands, they're walking through the world for a huge amount of time and there's no way the heat isn't going to seep through in that time.
    • One of the conversations in the Glen has Niko remark the sun is warm, but not hot. Given how it can apparently run without a power source, not being too hot to hold isn't even the strangest thing about it.


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