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Headscratchers / Nectar Of Dharani

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Baseline Humans
So are there native humans in this world? The existence of half-elves like the original Grey Enfield implies that there is some sort of Human population beyond the Marebitos.
  • Grey could be half-elf-half-dwarf, or half-elf-half-nereis, or half-elf-half-whatever-race-Sakra-is.

The Original Grey's Remains
Why didn't Dakris collect Grey's body when she had him right in front her? That seems like a major (no pun intended) oversight on her part, as her failure to do so allowed Kai to run around the world masquerading as Grey. One has to wonder what happened to his body if nobody can be bothered to collect it.

The American Marebito
Why didn't the Hasas utilize Clark as a God-cursed? Is the trait of God-cursed not possessed by all Marebito?

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