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  • Anyone else, you know, kinda pissed off about the treatment of Tsubaki during the Idol Arc? To hell with the idea of double standards, it's low treatment regardless. Strung along by a look alike of his girlfriend, kicked in the head three times (each time unconcious for a few minutes, how's THAT gonna affect his brain?), and of course no explanation or apologies for the last couple of days of complete insanity. Although, anyone with half a brain would have, after the first kick to the head, put two and two together that something isn't right. At the latest, seeing his 'girlfriend's' sudden lessoning in the buxom area should have done the trick. What really gets me though is the backstory where the idol injured someone with her kicks and was really depressed about it.Sure, alright, great power great responsiblity, that's cool. Except she never ever ever ever once shows any kind of restraint in the five seperate occasions we see where she kicks people in the head, much less some kind of 'Oh no! I've done something horrible again!'. There's a line how she checks her kicks so it's no full strength, but why keep going for the head then? I mean, an earlier chapter had actual consequience, worry, and for all theat is holy, perhaps the first Post-Tsundere-attack apology EVER in the history of anime after a mishap during a scissor's attack, so I was hopeing there would be some kind of weight thrown into the semi-assaults that occur nearly every chapter. I read the entire arc waiting for the point where Tsubaki looked in his trousers and found that he indeed has a set of testicles which would get him to stand up and say 'Do you want to explain what the hell that was about?'. Even the ending it just sorta trails off, without him continuing the questioning on why she had been acting so strangely the past couple of days, as if seeing the concert was enough to make him content. It just Bugs Me, you know?
  • The first episode and chapter have Urabe tell Tsubaki that there's nothing unusual about her saliva and that he's simply in love with her. How does this square with the rest of the series where we constantly do see unusual things happen from Urabe sharing her drool or drinking someone else's? She even shared an injury with him just from that!
    • Continuity Drift. The first chapter was just a one-shot originally. Still, cannot unsee now.
      • Urabe doesn't have magic saliva, she has saliva-based powers. Think of Rogue from X-Men — her power is to steal other people's powers, but she can only do it by touching them. Urabe has psychic/empathic powers (often unconscious), but she can only use them by swapping spit.
        As for how she knew that at the start, she's mysterious, folks! That's her whole gimmick. Why is she so withdrawn except with Tsubaki and Oka? How does spinning around help her encode messages in her saliva? How does she do those six-kinds-of-impossible scissors tricks? Maybe we'll get some of these answers in the manga eventually, maybe we won't; MGX is not a series that explains everything.

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