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Headscratchers / Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show

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  • In the live action adaptation why was Midori surprised that Kanabun had a penis? In the manga and anime it made sense, because he looked like a typical girl and even had a feminine voice in the anime. But in the live action adaptation he's played by a guy and it shows. At first glance he looks like a cross dresser or transgender woman, so he most likely would have male organs as well.
    • I think it goes on the logic that Midori and Kanabun are supposed to be around 14, even though the actors are at least 18.
      • Teenagers usually have easy to identify sexual characteristics.
      • True, but some people don't go through puberty till their 16. Doesn't stop the Dawson Casting getting in the way.
      • But Kanabun doesn't look like he didn't reach puberty yet. If anything, he looks and sounds like most teenage boys in their late teens.


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