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  • These kids urinate in public, take drugs, and beat up some guy in the park in broad daylight - and more often than not seemingly in the middle of crowded public spaces - yet nobody ever raises an eyelid. Shouldn't the police be intervening? Where are they?
    • I don't know if you've ever been to NYC, but things like that happen all the time. The park the kids are skating and smoking the blunt in is Washington square park. The park boarders on the nyu campus and, as any NYU student can tell you, a very nice place to go smoke. As for the beating up of the man, the writer Harmonie Korine has stated that he added that scene after watching it happen in front of him while skating in Washington square park.
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    • Add in that the film is set in the early to mid 90's, when NYC was at it's peak of crime.
    • What have police officers done to deserve Larry Clark?
  • Adding to the above, the kids, who are white, beat the ever-loving crap out of a man who happens to be black. Normally, the police would label that as a hate crime and be all over that but how they get away with it here I don't even know.
    • Just because the victim is black doesn't make it a hate crime. It seems more like the kids were just looking to blow off some steam and bumping into the guy gave them an excuse. Not to mention, half of the attackers are black.

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