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Headscratchers / Grange Hill

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Thinking about that "game over" screen for more than it takes to read it.
  • The guy "steals to keep his habit", but he is a seller. While selling and dealing aren't opposing ends, the fact that he must steal to keep his habit while dealing is very odd.
The sudden move in location
  • When the filming of the series was outsourced to BBC Liverpool in 2003, the entire setting changed from a very realistic rendition of East London (not an area known for it's wildlife) to a very green area. The effect was kind of jarring, and never remarked upon by any of the characters or indeed anyone at The BBC. I vaguely remember the previous season had burned down/blown up the school for some reason, but no amount of rebuilding could achieve that!
    • Not only that, but it was of course impossible to mask the fact that, with production having moved to Liverpool, a lot of the new students appearing in the show from then on had Scouse Accents. The official line was that the show was not set in Liverpool, but a general "someplace in Britain". Liverpool itself was explicitly ruled out as one episode had a class taking a coach trip to Liverpool, the City Of Culture 2008, and they got there by driving up the motorway for a couple of hours....


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