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Headscratchers / Definitely, Maybe

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Headscratchers from the film Definitely, Maybe:

  • While it's certainly not outside of the bounds of possibility, does anyone else think it mildly odd that the brown-haired man and the blonde-haired girl wind up with the red-haired daughter? It was almost entirely certain that the hair color was going to be a clue as to who was the mother right up until the end.
    • It could be possible that Will had red hair, but it got darker when he got older. Or, the mother dyes hers. Or maybe they both have Irish heritage.
    • More probably Scottish, as contrary to popular belief, Irish genes seem to present more commonly in pale, freckly blondes or brunettes. Just a pet peeve.
    • Well, red hair is a recessive trait to the more dominant trait of being a blonde or a brunette. Makes the reveal more interesting?
    • Will did say he was going to change a few details. Maybe hair color was one of them?
  • Do tell they didn't name this after Oasis' first album.
    • Not sure about that but, at one point towards the beginning of the movie April says "Definitely, Maybe. I'll have to think about it." To Will's fake marriage proposal to her as "Emily."