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Headscratchers / Children's Party at the Palace

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  • How would the characters manifest into London so they could attend the Queen's party?
    • They never explain how they did anywhere in the film, so it's up to people to come up with theories on how the characters came into existence somehow. Check out the WMG of this work.
  • If the Baddies' despise the attendees of the children's party such as the Goodies and the children then how come they seem to not have hatred (or at least "as much") for the Queen? Were they being respectful to her because she's the monarch?
    • Probably because showing dislike for the Queen means treason, and the kids would not like people disliking the hostess of their party. Also, some may wonder why the Baddies seem to lack that, but maybe it is because the Queen is the one hosting the party, and they only dislike certain attendees like the Goodies and children. The theory that the Queen conjured them up into existence like she did with the Goodies and wanted them invited too would make sense on how the Baddies have at least an ambiguous view on her despite stealing one of her prized items.
      • Also think Burglar Bill wouldn’t steal the handbag out of dislike for the Queen, rather out of revenge on the Goodies for not being invited and to not let the party go ahead as planned. The Baddies probably respect her more than the Goodies.
  • Since the Palace is known for having a lot of expensive things, then how come the CCTV cameras had seriously greasy footage (usually CCTV cameras with better quality would cost a fortune)? Is it because it was the 2000s and technology was still a little primitive, or is it the only security camera the budget could handle, meaning that it's not the security camera actually used in the Palace in real life? Because from what I know, there were security cameras in the mid-2000s which provided higher quality footage and in colour compared to what was seen in this film.
    • For sure there were much better security cameras out there back in 2006 (technology wasn't that primitive back in the mid-2000s), so it's pretty much unclear on why the camera at the Palace seems pretty low-quality. If we're talking reality then the Palace would actually have CCTV cameras that produce smoother footage and in colour (surely the Palace has a bunch of expensive stuff including that), not the "greasy" B&W footage we get in the film. So for a good guess, it's because the budget is pretty tight on this film (it probably costed a fortune on all those costumes and props and CGI-ing the actor who plays the BFG instead of using a puppet in the faraway shots would've made the budget go way too high.), though the fact that this film was made in 2006 may play a role on how it seems a bit shoddy and dated in places; it was amazing for its time. Technology is evolving by the second and special effects in films are getting better and better.
  • Were the uniforms that Mr Tibbs, Mary, and the unnamed maid wore exactly what real staff members at Buckingham Palace wore at that time?
    • Highly unlikely. The staff members would have more modern uniforms or at least wear something more modern. What we do know is that the uniform for the butlers at the Palace include a red suit instead of black.
  • How come the stage backdrop never changes and always shows a depiction of Buckingham Palace's quadrangle? Is it because of the budget or something? Because if it's the budget, then that is really concerning.
    • Probably because it's an outdoor stage, and changing backdrops would be much too tedious than it would be for a Broadway or off-Broadway stage (which is indoor). Also, the majority of the film takes place at the Palace so it would make sense that way.
  • Did the Baddies truly "reform" at the end? Because at the very end when the Queen arrives and finds her reading glasses in her handbag they were just as happy as the Goodies, applauding with them.
    • It's a bit ambiguous but they probably either did reform or were never evil in the first place. Remember that Cruella said that without antagonists, there wouldn't be stories for the children, so that means the Baddies only "sabotaged" the party because it's staged (no pun intended); a story for the kiddos to enjoy. For certain they probably did like the Queen and wouldn't want to harm her in any way despite taking a certain valuable item she forgot to take with her.