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Haiku / The Social Network

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Mark Zuckerberg's tale
of troubles encountered when
he made a website.
Sizzly Bacon

What website, you say?
Facebook, yes, this is about
Facebook... well, kind of.
Sizzly Bacon

After a breakup,
Mark makes a website, but not
that one, but FaceMASH.
Sizzly Bacon

"Which one is hotter?"
the website's premise. Gets hits,
but Harvard's displeased.
Sizzly Bacon

The Winklevoss twins,
athletic rowers they are,
pitch Mark an idea.
Sizzly Bacon


Proudly plays along,
The site, Harvard Connection,
Mark takes and runs with.
Sizzly Bacon

Puts a label on,
gives a different moniker,
Winklevosses mad.
Sizzly Bacon

Napster creator
Sean Parker sees Mark's website,
Facebook's in business.
Sizzly Bacon

After two lawsuits,
losing friends and making foes,
Mark's made billions.
Sizzly Bacon


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