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Haiku / The Dark Knight Trilogy

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See also Haiku.Batman Begins, Haiku.The Dark Knight, Haiku.The Dark Knight Rises.

These films are about
A man in a damn bat suit
And yet they kick ass!

Old franchise's death
Catalyzed bat-series and
Made it save itself.

Rollercoaster ride
of suspense and huge plot twists
Franchise is revived.

Suit up, legend born
Battles clowns then takes the fall
Gotham's down, now rise.


Nolan's pledge begins
And turns a knight of darkness
To rising prestige

A broken city
Drowning in fear and chaos
But then came a bat

Undying symbol
The dawn is coming after
The knight is darkest

A boy lost in fear
Became a man of the night
The Dark Knight Returns