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Haiku / Real Life

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Outside TV Tropes
It's not on the internet
We used to live there

Show Outside The Shows
Where the fiction is written
You should check it out

Turn off computer
Live without the internet
It's overrated.

Need new ideas?
Real life has lots of them,
Go and take a look!

— katzsoa

It has to be touched
Not obtained in your own dreams
Then you'll find purpose

It might feel better
Inside your own fantasies
But love is out there.


Right now, you are reading this
But then, so am I.

This is a haiku
I am very original
Can you not see that?

Forget life, look at
the Haiku above mine - one
extra syllable.

Such a Crapsack World,
but, really, if we hold on,
we are all okay.

How can it be a
Crapsack World when it brought us
TV Tropes to read!

Well, the world may be
bad and terrible but it
is a World Half Full.


They say life happens
Outside the video screen
But the real world sucks!


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