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Funny / Wild Willy Barrett

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  • Kong and the Soup a Dragon: "Was it the butler, was it the footman or the chambermaid having a slash?"
  • Guitar 1023, guitar 1024...
  • Train Had Gone: "Well I was standing at the station *bam bam bam* didn't have no money for a CHICKEN!"
  • Jack O'Diamonds: "...Trouble at mill? No, trouble at the bank. Oh lloydy, lloydy, lloydy!"
  • I'm A Dog: *beep!*
  • One Leg Blues
  • I Did It Otway. If you listen really hard, you can hear something metallic dropping off of the guitar near the end. After this the near sitar-like sound likely means some component has jumped ship!
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  • The characters and story of "Deal 'em Down"/"Father Jim"
  • Please Don't Throw Me To The Christians: If not taken as a wry attack on the named religion, and religions generally, the lyrics can seem funny. However, Barrett adds this to Eddie's:
    • "When I was a little boy I called my father God / I wanted to be Jesus but my brother got that job / He had a lovely Gibson and a fender strat / All I got is Mary and John but I make do with that"
  • "Drink To Me Only" is funny enough at the speed you hear it but slowing it down reveals it's just Barrett and another man goofing around live. The deliberately out-of-tune fiddle over the guitar is just excellent!
  • "Return of Kong". The scat can be very funny out of context. So those hearing the 2nd Kong single without hearing the 1st can be taken aback, not hearing the full story.

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