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Funny / To Be or Not To Be: That Is the Adventure

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Its a Parody Hamlet book written by Ryan North. Lots of funny moments are expected.—-

  • As Ophelia, you are asked who is at your door. You get the options of Hamlet, Polonius, and Dromeciomimus. If you pick any option other than Hamlet, it turns out Hamlet is at the door because, guess what, you don't control reality with your mind. Silly Ophelia. Of course, if you do pick Hamlet, the narrator immediately questions whether you can control reality with your mind; the Steam version even gives you an achievement for it.
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  • After the ghost tasks Hamlet with killing Claudius, the reader is presented with the option to go do so immediately. If you choose something else, the next passage offers you that option again. As does the next. If at any point you choose it, Hamlet goes and kills Claudius ridiculously easily, becomes a beloved world leader, and winds up indirectly preventing both world wars.

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