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  • The scene where John Sims freshens up and combs his hair, and gets aggravated when he gets told identical things by four different colleagues in the washroom:
    Colleague #1: "Washin' 'em up, Sims?"
    Colleague #2: "Takin' a wash, Sims?"
    Colleague #3: "Scrubbin' 'em up, Sims?"
    Colleague #4: "Chasin' the dirt, Sims?"
    • John's response to their statements is priceless:
      John Sims:"You birds have been working here so long that you all talk alike!"
  • The scene with the juggling clown with a sandwich board sign plastered on his front: "MAKE YOUR FEET HAPPY - Buy Your Shoes at Brockton's". This also doubles as Foreshadowing since John was mocking that clown man, unaware that he would be in the job as well.
  • John mindlessly struming on his ukelele without a care in the world. The lyrics to his song also count.
Wife and I are happy
And everything is swell;
It's heavenly inside our flat
But outside it is El!
  • John's "trick" about breaking his arm.
  • Mary telling John not to slip on the ice, and John saying she wouldn't have to worry about it. Then when he went on the front steps, guess what happened next.
  • During April, John and Mary were having your typical dysfunctional relationship midway through the film.
    • The house wasn't in the best condition either (with a faulty toilet, an unhinging door, an uncooperative hideaway bed.) Johnny was blaming Mary for most of those break-downs in the house.
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    • As John was about to leave, Mary realized she was pregnant and tells John before he leaves, which then leads up to a Heartwarming moment.
  • "Hey! Your fire's out!"
  • "This is the way I work! I'm the old go-getting kid! No matter what never hear me squawk!"
    • cue John squawking after accidently burning his fingers lighting up the fire.

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