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Funny / The Chesapeake Bay Saga

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  • Sea Swept:
    • Anna makes a home visit to the Quinns to check on Seth. She asks how he's doing and is told that Seth is expected to be on his best behavior. In the background, the family is having a crab bake and Seth can be heard loudly swearing about how gross something is. Cameron explains Seth doesn't know Anna is there yet.
  • Chesapeake Blue:
    • Seth is welcomed back home by his brothers by way of being thrown into the Chesapeake Bay.
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    • Dru's introduction to Seth's family involves being caught in the crossfire of a water gun fight.
    • Dru and Aubrey bond over the revenge Dru served up to her Disposable Fiancé prior to the start of the book.
    • Dru is hesitant to enter into a relationship with Seth because she's convinced he's harboring feelings for Aubrey. Seth, who has always had a sibling-like relationship with Aubrey (and is legally her uncle), is confused. Aubrey, meanwhile, finds this hilarious, especially because it makes Seth question their interactions and act pretty awkward.
    • This little exchange between mother and son.
    Gloria: You son of a bitch!
    Seth: Truer words.

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