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Funny / 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at Mcdonalds

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  • Lucy's quips towards the player, by virtue of her being a deadpan snarker. For example, when the player tries to take the option to stake the vampire with the straws, her reaction is "You're silly."
    • Also, Lucy's response to you trying to pick the overwrought, hilariously cheesy monster-hunter lines when you're trying to lure away the vampire.
    Lucy: Look, I know you're trying to get all the endings, and you need to try all the weird options to do that, but I'm seriously not saying that.
  • The death hint, should you let the vampire kill you.
    I don't think I should let the vampire bite me unless I have a REALLY GOOD IDEA for how I'm going to get him to stop biting me.
  • The fact that you can kill the vampire using a cross made out of straws.
  • The part in the sequel where you can kill the vampire by attacking him with "steak" — beef steak, that is. The vampire dies after the pun is explained to him.
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  • One of the endings is allegedly killing the vampire by hugging him. ....But don't try to hug him unless you have some kind of protection, or it will end exactly how you'd expect.