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  • Conor and Diana have a conversation about the young Oracular Urchin Glas:
    Diana: It is my understanding that the father is the spiritual parent to every creature in this land. But once he takes his throne, he'll need schooling in the ways of Rome if he is to best serve his people in the coming days of the empire. Can you understand that?
    Conor: I understand that you want his nose so deep in your bosom that he'll need your permission to breath.
    Glas: What's a bosom?
  • As part of a Batman Gambit Fergus fakes his death, and his estranged wife and daughter are clearly having a great time "grieving" at his funeral, particularly in front of The Mole: their new husband and step-father.
    "He was the finest man I ever knew. He was better than all of them! Fergus, you bastard, I loved ya!"
    • And from a safe distance, Fergus watches, complaining that not enough people turned up for his funeral.
      "Where's Catlin? She should be down there, crying her eyes out!"
  • Fergus: There are two ways to argue with a woman; neither one works.

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