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Funny / One Thousand Days

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Chapter 5

  • Nagi's initial meeting with Himegami and this exchange.
    Nagi: You know, everyone can see your panties if you hang upside down like that. Not that I'm complaining.
    Himegami: Huh? (Takes a second to look up)
    Himegami: Kyaaaaaaa!
Chapter 10
  • After Otohime finished speaking with Espada about returning so that the match could start, we get this.
    Otohime: "...Espada... by any chance... you aren't putting the communication device inside your thighs again... right?"
    Espada: "..."
    Otohime: "..."
    Espada: "I'll be returning shortly"
    • What makes it even more hilarious is the fact that yes, Espada did in fact place the communicator within her thighs.
Chapter 11
  • The ladies of Venus crushing Akaya's pride of being the most handsome man at Tenbi.
    Akaya: (After he poses dramatically) "I'm still better looking, right ladies?"
    Minerva and Celia: "Not at all, you're not even in his league"
    Akaya: (Slumps down in depression)

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