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Funny / Minority Report (2015)

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Episode 1 - Pilot

  • Lara's mother and little brother expressing scepticism that Dash is "just a colleague". It seems like simple family ribbing until Dash looks over and sees that he accidentally put a of photo of Lara in a bikini on the biggest wall in the house.
  • Shortly after, Lara's mom tells her that she needs to get out more.
    Mrs. Vega: In my day we had something called "tinder".
  • Dash claims that they'll be having Chinese takeout for dinner. Lara denies it, claiming that she's cooking. Gilligan Cut to a burnt lasagna. After a beat, Lara bites it and decides to order Chinese.
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  • After van Eyck calls the Precogs "genetic freaks", Dash tells him that he loses in a landslide. Though Eyck doesn't hear him, Vega is surprised that Dash can see that far ahead. Then Dash admits that he can't.

Episode 3 - Hawk-Eye

  • Whenever anyone finds out that Vega plans to enroll a precog in the police department to hide him in plain sight, they have the exact same reaction.
  • Dash's interview, and his utterly failed attempt to stay calm.

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