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Funny / Meet John Doe

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1941 Film

  • Right after Willoughby gives the Colonel the fifty bucks.
    Angelface: Say, he's giving it away. I better get me some of that!
    Beany: Hey, come back here you helot!
  • Mayor Hawkins, dealing with all the people who want to see John Doe themselves.
    Hawkins: O.K. folks, but remember your manners. No stampeding. Walk slow, like you do when you come to pay your taxes.
    • And let us not forget...
    Hawkins: No you can't see him, you didn't vote for me in the last election! Shame on you!
  • "Gangway, you helots!"
  • The man painting Mr. Connell's name on the door, and his reactions whenever Ann messes up what he paints (the last time by throwing something through his door), particularly when he counts to three.

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