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  • The bar scene, especially Tamaki explaining the previous chapter to a clueless Rivalz.
    Tamaki: "I tell you, there's such a thing as lousy timing. Robo-chick was just about to explain the circle of life until my boss comes up and ruins the whole mood! (hic) Did I forget to mention she's also an alien? Oh yeah, I think I said that already. Anyway, since she's an alien robot chick from outer space, she must have answers to everything. I always wondered what came first, the chicken or the egg? Can you imagine what life would be like if we had answers to the impossible?
    Rivalz: (uninterested) "Uh huh. Sir, have you had enough?"
    Tamaki: "And don't get me started on her twin sisters. They're mocking me, I tell you. They believe that they're so smart they're playing dumb but deep down, they live to mock me. They're not fooling me! (makes a V-sign and points to Rivalz) I got my eyes on them."
    • It's even funnier with Jeremiah in the room. That makes three characters in the same room, all connected to Lelouch in some fashion: Rivalz is Lelouch Lamprouge's friend, Tamaki is Zero's subordinate, and Jeremiah is Lelouch vi Brittania's protector. Yet, neither of them realize it.

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