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  • Get a miss in Lion, and the tamer clings to a tree branch as the freed lion playfully jumps toward him.
  • In Oil Panic, missing the manager's oil drum will cause you to douse one of the two customers instead. Each one will point threateningly at your character with the female one jumping in a fit of anger.
  • Mario's Cement Factory: If one of the mixers overflows, the excess cement will pin that side's truck driver to the ground.
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  • All the Values Dissonance of Mario's Bombs Away. Mario plays with Cartoon Bombs, hoping to blow his enemies to smithereens. Getting a miss results in a panicked Mario carrying a lit bomb to the outpost, blowing it up. Also, a soldier carelessly smokes a cigarette with the ashes catching fire in oil spilled on the ground.
  • When the Panoramic segment of Snoopy starts up, a sequence of Lucy kicking Schroeder's piano plays.
  • If you dump enough bombs down the left side in Safebuster, they'll reach up to the bank robber's entire supply of bombs and cause it to explode. The impact will send him flying off the bank's roof.


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