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  • The entirety of Episode 122, "Okay, Bye!". Do not listen while driving.

  • In episode 135 the party is facing an ancient red dragon named Pyre. Tim Lanning interrupts Thrifty's description voicing Pyre in an Edith Bunker-easque voice exclaiming, "Hey guys! It's me, Pyre! That sounds great! Let's get slutty boy over here!"

  • Zird sends the party on three quests to get a submarine only for the party to discover he just wants a comfortable place to drink tea and honey with gnomes and that he's afraid of sharks.

  • Bananas Foster, the 503-year old Apekin (bear in mind that Apekin have a life expectancy of around 60 years) Rogue 1/Bard 6/Ranger 1/Warlock 3/Cleric 1. He spends an entire episode being a ridiculous trickster and Jerkass, dicking with the rest of the cast and being generally insulting. His unique mix of skills/classes make him unbelievably deceptive/stealthy/persuasive(+13) - the other P Cs are basically powerless to stop him. He became an Unpopular Popular Character of the highest order, enough so that he eventually returned in a live show.
    • His death is also ridiculous. Mechanically, Michael forced Bachmann to roll Constitution whenever Bananas did anything strenuous, passing out from exhaustion on a failed roll. While climbing a ladder, he passed out and was crushed by a box of bananas.

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