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  • York praising an arthouse film he and Zach saw recently. The Island by Michael Bay. He starts praising how Bay is going to change the history of arthouse films and that it's going to set a standard akin to Star Wars and Blade Runner. Just seeing how optimistically cheerful York is about Michael Bay compared to how fans remember Bay as is side-splitting hilarious.
  • The first time encountering "The Mirror", he brings up an alligator statue needed to bring supernatural paranoia to Mrs. Carpenter so York can go bowling. The scene keeps switching between the statue and York's FBI badge with a zoom-in on the statue.
  • The fact that York skateboards across Le Carre. Apparently someone stole his car and decided to Troll him by leaving a skateboard behind.
  • Zach stating that films deliver life lessons. What lesson does he give for They Live!? "Always wear your sunglasses before a fight."
  • When ordering food in the hotel restaurant, David Jawara comments that he learned to cook authentic Creole food from working in a famous restaurant in New Orleans. After York lists off several famous New Orleans restaurant — all of which aren't the correct one — David agrees to give a hint. Said hint heavily implies that he worked at a Popeyes Chicken. York is still very impressed.
  • The Stinger of the game shows Houngan — the skeletal man who gives York advice — bowling.
  • At one point, York has to skateboard over an abandoned train car using a wooden ramp. His first attempt at doing so results in a long, slow motion take at his skateboard's front wheels breaking off in what looks to be a very fast, possibly violent fashion... and then he just lightly flops over on his back in the most anti-climactic fashion possible.
  • Patricia is about to indulge in one of Alexis Jawara's chocolate sundaes...but then York snatches it away from her under the pretense of the contract to "protect her from all the evils in the world". Patricia argues that sugar is dangerous but not evil, but York still sticks to the contract and eats the sundae in front of her.
    • Made all the more hilarious by the fact that York doesn't so much eat the sundae as he does down it like a shot glass.
  • The end of the game has York and Zach still communicating...via chatroom. It's both hilarious and adorable.
    • In this chat York is still determined to protect Patricia from the "evils in the world" when she mentions getting a chocolate sundae from Alexis. Zach and York then joke about the sundae being a "Deadly Premonition" by both replying "deadly premonition! lol".
  • York trying to question Xavier Johnson's fashion sense. And by "fashion sense", we mean him wearing nothing but his underpants, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.
  • York finds an old movie poster of ET and questions Zach if he ever heard such a film. Quite ironic that a movie fan like York didn't know about this one. Other conversations show that York also never heard of Seven Samurai nor Titanic.
  • Tyrone Sanders is a hammy priest exclaiming how, "The Lord HUNGERS!" before asking York to give him the taboo trinity. It's as if Swery knew how memetic the "Sinner's Sandwich" was and decide to play it up for all it's worth.
    • The fact that the other residents of the town knows about the preacher’s quest when York questions them where to find the cans and does the same booming voice when they say “The Lord HUNGERS!”.
  • Should you achieve the "Big Five" achievement in the bowling alley, Mrs. Carpenter replies accordingly:
    Mrs. Carpenter: Fuuuuck!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!! Holy fuck!! Shit! Son of a bitch!!!
  • When seeing the billboard of the town's mascot Okra Boy, York comments that the design reminds him of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. York then goes on to describe Ghostbusters as a straight horror film filled to the brim with bonafide terror.
  • York's quiet, almost childishly innocent disappointment at learning there is now okra farm in town.
  • During a conversation with Patricia, York explains the purpose of his role as an investigator by asking her if she knew immediately why someone acted the way they did or if she immediately knew someone's guilt. When she replies that she couldn't possibly know since she's not psychic, York is pleased that she got the point, then muses aloud what his career choices would have been if he were a psychic, noting that rather than becoming an FBI agent York would abuse these psychic powers to start a cult or take over a country.