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  • There was an incident when Mrs Forrester's tom-cat drank butter-milk with a super expensive lace. The aftermath might have gone too far when they tried to retrieve it, but the moment when they realized what had happened was priceless: "He's choking!"
  • The cow wearing flannel pyjamas. It Makes Sense in Context, and it's hilarious. And for that matter, "Bessie dearest!"
  • Dr. Harrison mistakes Augusta Tomkinson for Caroline's mother. Offended, Augusta corrects him — she's her sister!
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  • Martha is shocked to see Miss Matty wearing a thin shawl, "at your age".
    Miss Matty: At my age? At my age? How old do you think I am, that you speak about my age?
    [Miss Matty gives her an offended look]
  • Caroline and Miss Pole trade veiled insults.
    Caroline: I hear your new bonnet will refresh you altogether.
    Miss Pole: [about a pattern Caroline was admiring] That would be perfect for Sophy Hutton. She has the youthful figure for it, and a waist like a wand.
  • Mrs. Forrester is not happy to see fashions from Paris in Mr. Johnson's store.
    Mrs. Forrester: Something has to be said! I am a woman of mild opinions, but I am sure we do not wish to be dressed as revolutionaries.


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  • Miss Pole buys a cage, and after displaying it for all to see, she's told that it's actually an underskirt. Her reaction is hilarious. "BERTHA!"


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