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  • Neji's bit during Chapter 58. Especially this:
    Lee: Come inside. We are not fated to miss this chunin test. It is our Destiny to be on time.
    Neji almost slugged him for that.
  • The beginning of the first test in the third (counting original timeline as the zeroth one) iteration qualifies.
    Naruto (stomping on a desk): You bastard! Nobody has to write down anything to pass this test! You've got it rigged so that anyone who agrees to take the tenth question wins.
    Ibiki: Team 7 - fail.
  • A series of repeats where Naruto decides to get some fun as Sasuke gets himself killed or gelded by Gaara. A particularly funny one has Naruto setting it up as a wrestling death-match (complete with Naruto clones selling food and drinks to the other chunin candidates and Anko) and Naruto himself providing commentary.
    Naruto: "In this corner," he waved to the Sand siblings, who were all looking more than slightly alarmed at suddenly being surrounded by approximately four thousand shadow clones on stadium seats that had all appeared mysteriously out of nowhere. "Gaara of the Desert!"
    *A surge of cheers came from the crowd.
    Naruto: "And in this corner," he waved back to his own team, where Sasuke was looking utterly disgusted with him. "The Amazing! The Stupendous! The Colossal!..." He bent over to speak to another one of his clones, this one is a stage manager's uniform. "Hey, what do you mean Orochimaru's not going to show? Use the substitute? That Uchiha kid? No way! He'd never last ten seconds against that guy from Sand. I mean we're talking Gaara here! The undefeated village champion! Slayer of thousands, winner of over a hundred private assassination matches. The Uchiha hasn't even killed a bug! It'd be a total slaughter to send him in against that trained killer! Do it anyway? Well, okay, but you've gotta switch all my bets around - everything on Gaara to win! Okay!" He turned back to the studio audience, finished with his 'private' conversation that everyone had heard. "Now where were we? Oh, yes! Now, representing Konoha! The one, the only, the Amazing Walking Ego, the Pretty Princess, and darling of Fire country's pedophilic circle, The Dweebmeister!"
    • "And they're off!" The announcer Naruto shouted out suddenly. "The Uchiha leads with a glare to the left! A sneer to the right! Oh! It's brutal! But Gaara is staying calm in the face of this fierce disapproval!"
  • Ino trapped in Shikamaru's Kagemane no Jutsu when under suspicion of being an enemy plant/replacement.
    Ino: <Sigh> "Fine. We're all part of a cult that thinks Naruto is the reincarnation of the God of Ramen, and we have secret meetings where he pours broth over our bodies and slurps on our hair."
    • In a later loop she gets tired of Shikamaru's questioning and loudly declares:
    Ino: "I traded sexual favors for ninja training!"

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