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  • From The Purple Man:
    Charlie's Mother: How many people spend their evenings painting their sons purple?
    Charlie: Only the coolest people.
    Charlie's Mother: Only the coolest people... This kind of thing can only happen at our house.
  • "I'm filming this from my little sister's bedroom. (Beat) That's not creepy, is it?
  • "And now that I've made these balloon animals, I'm going to do what any loving parent would do to their children... which is destroy them with a pair of scissors.
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  • The whole "Time Travel" Web-video-thingy.
  • All of The Other Charlie, most notably, "According to my personal level of evil, the most evil thing I can do Nice Charlie is... THROW WATER IN HIS FACE. That's... that's horrible. I like that."
  • Charlie attempting to speak in an American accent.

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