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Regular Moments of Awesome:

  • The sheer fact that he managed to explain how sound and hearing works in song.
  • He got Stephen Fry to narrate his outro!
  • Minor, but in Fun Science: Sound, there's a character called "Mr. Information," who talked and acted like one of those videos they show you in school that talks down to people's intelligence. Charlie punches him in the face. Anyone who's ever watched a video with a host like Mr. Information can only dream of doing that.
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  • Terminating his friendships with Ed Blann, Tom Milsom and Alex Day after they were revealed to have committed sexual assault (to be in a predatory and very abusive relationship with a 15 year old, in Tom and Ed's cases), especially in the case of Alex Day as they were flatmates and best friends for seven years. Even if it was the right thing, breaking off a friendship that's lasted so long is seriously hard.


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